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Rising from the solid basement

 The decision 1528/TTg of establishing Mien Tay Construction University (MTU) was approved by the Prime Minister on September 6th, 2011. Mien Tay Construction University is a public university in the network of colleges and universities of the national education system of the Republic Socialist of Vietnam.

 It (Mien Tay Construction University) is under the state management of training- education of the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET), the direct management of the Ministry of Construction and the territory management of the People’s Committee of Vinh Long Province.

1. Staff and lecturers: 

More than 270 full lecturers and visiting lecturers with over 92% of whom have Ph.D or Dr. degree; MA degree and academic title “ Professorship”, “Associate Professor”.

2. Material facilities:

- More than 91 high – quality classrooms with computers, projectors for teaching.

- The e-library and computers with internet to assure students’ study.

- The laboratory system, the experimental workshop with modern equipments including: building material and soil m
echanics lab; drawing rooms, painting room, household and industrial electricity lab, water lab, civil engineering experimental workshop, computer rooms for accounting practice, multimedia room for foreign language learning.

3. Learning environment and dormitories:

- The university always does the best things to help students have a good learning environment to develop to a high degree of creative capacity and professional skills.

- The school fee is paid in accordance with the regulations of the state.

- The dormitory has enough places for about 50% students.

- The university appropriate a sum of 3 billion VNDs from the scholarship fund to give (allot) poor and difficult students who are excellent in study.

- The university helps students find part – time works as well as works after graduation.

- Students of the university are provisionally exempted from military service.


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