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1. Functions of the University Board

The University Board is the administrative organization, representing the ownership of the university, with the following functions:

- Decide on strategies, planning, development plans and regulations on organization and operation of the university;

- Decide the orientation of training activities, science and technology, international cooperation, quality assurance of education;

- Decide on organizational, personnel, financial and asset issues and the development investment direction of the university;

- Supervise the implementation of the resolution of the University Board, the implementation of democratic regulations in the operation of the university.

2. Duties and powers of the University Board

The University Board performs its duties and powers as prescribed in Clause 2, Article 16 of the Higher Education Law and the Regulation on the establishment of the University Board under Decision No. 1337 / QĐ-BXD dated November 12, 2015, specifically as follows:

- Reporting annually or unexpectedly to the agency directly managing the university, the state management agency on conditions for quality assurance, operational results, implementation of commitments and finance;

- Proposing competent authorities to approve plans to supplement, dismiss or replace members of the University Board;

- Adopting regulations on: quantity, labor structure, employment position; the recruitment, management, use and development of the staffs and contract staffs;

- Introducing the rector and vice - rectors to implement the appointment process according to regulations; conducting annual assessment of the fulfillment of the duties of the rector and vice - rectors; proposing competent authorities to dismiss rector and vice - rectors; organizing to take polls of trust votes for the rector and vice - rectors between term or in case of necessity;

- Requesting the rector to explain the issues that have not been properly implemented and fully implemented according to the resolution of the University Board, if any. If the University Board disagrees with the rector 's explanation, a report should be directly sent to the university management agency.