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Faculty of Political Theory was established under the President of MienTay Construction University’s decision No. 81/ QD- DHXDMT on 19 March 2012.

Faculty of Political Theory is in charge of admistrating and teaching the core subjects: Principles of Marxist and Lennist, Ho Chi Minh Ideology, Revolution Lines of Vietnam Communist Party, Introduction to laws and other subjects serving for some specialties of the university.

Organizational apparatus consists of a dean of the faculty, a vice dean of the faculty and two subjects: Principles of Marxist and Lennist and Revolution Lines of Vietnam Communist Party.

There are 8 principal staff including 2 PhDs, 2 PhD students and 4 Masters. Most of them are senior, experienced, well-trained with passion of teaching, positive contributions to training, fostering human resources with high quality of the university which have political and moral qualities, legal knowledge and citizens’ awareness.