Function and Duties

I. Function

Teaching, doing scientific research and implementing information work, propagandizing education, politics –thoughts in the university.

II. Duties

1. Counselling, proposing institutional framework, personnel, designing the developing system with lecturers and administrating them depending on the levels of hierarchy in accordance with the regulations of the president.

2. Joining to design an academic program, teaching and learning plans of subjects, the faculty’s subjects and academic programs, the general plans of the university.

3. Taking part in scientific research and proposing scientific and technological activities serving for professional work, training and teaching of the university.

4. Implementing management of the faculty, teaching, scientific research and plans for a fact-finding trip.

5. Participating in compiling academic programs, curricula and enhancing the quality of teaching.

6. Giving advice, proposing to invite contract lecturers, visiting lecturers, scientists and experts of political theory.

7. Taking part in Party building work, administrations, labor unions and emulation movements among the faculties of the university.

8. Implementing information – propaganda mission, educating politics and thoughts and the mission of reporters.

9. Carrying out the staff management, evaluating the staff, lecturers; evaluating senior and horizontal administative officials