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New books in October, 2018

In addition to the fortitude, perseverance and self-confidence for a successful future, let's read these two books together, because: "Our lives change in two ways: through people we meet and the books we read.” (Harvey Mackay).

"You are a Student! Don't be afraid of not having a job” of PhD. Le Van Tu, Truong Hoang Duong, Le Tuan Khanh equipped with useful knowledge, career choices for graduates. The whole book contains both the author's feelings and hearts, sharing experiences when confronting the difficulties and challenges that young Vietnamese people often encounter; job searching skills; difficult situations in work and solutions; lessons learned from real life of previous generations; the way to position yourself in working environment; communicative skills and behaviors …

"Want to change fate? You can do it!" by PhD. Le Van Tu, Le Thi Thanh Phuong, Truong Hoang Duong, Le Tuan Khanh directed readers to good things, good and beautiful values to change their fate positively. Readers will draw for themselves lessons and life experiences to manage time and money well and change thinking in a positive way. The book will be a guide for young students, equipped with practical life access skills through experiences and bravery to overcome the challenges and difficulties of successful entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs, Jack Ma, Bill Gates ... to change fate, to succeed and shine!

Trung tâm Thông tin - Thư viện

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